Saturday, March 6, 2010

One Busy Week after the Other

Last Wednesday was New Beginnings in our ward Aubrey and Meagan were invited because they will be turning 12 soon. Meagan was sure to put mascara on Aubrey for the special event. I sang a duet. Fancy evening. Down the hall the other half of the family was at a court of honor. Tyler got a couple of merit badges including camping (finally)!

Aubrey and her friends finally finished their science fair project. It was a oatmeal pinhole camera. A very cool project but it was time consuming, frustrating and expensive. I think the moms were happier to see it end than the girls and they were sick of it after the first week.

This Wednesday was Aubrey's last achievement day. She has been blessed with consistant and fun leaders, Sister McDaniel, Hansom and Steele.

I spent Wednesday night sewing camp quilts with the YW. It went so much better than last time. Friday was my monthly Dear Jane class with mom. So much fun.


  1. Gosh it looks like you've had a fun and busy week! You look so cute with your Mom too!!!

  2. I thought Aubrey learned the torture of wearing makeup after Holly trying to apply some on her...

  3. What a busy and fun week for your family! And seriously, you look fantastic!

  4. What fun leaders Aubrey has and yay for Ty getting those last merit badges, they are tough. That is the best picture of you and MY mama. I love that you two get to have a play date now and then, you two look like you are having fun that or the fabric fumes have gotten to the both of you. :P