Friday, March 26, 2010

pine wood derby

The acheivment day girls hold a pine wood derby every year.

Aubrey and Ashley racing each other.

Aubrey took 2nd place this year with a replica of Dad's Pinzgaur.

Ashley with her friend Rachel. Ashley won the "Pinkest Car" Award.

Aubrey and Meagan racing. Sister Pomeroy is on the right of the picture.

Have you ever seen such cute judges?


  1. Your girls get to race pine wood derby cars? Love it. Your girls are so creative, their cars are too cute.

  2. Such fun! :) I was always jealous of my brothers getting to race pinewood derby cars and all of the other fun they had as Cub Scouts. I remember feeling so happy as a grown-up when the church created a program for the younger girls to participate in!