Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Yesterday we celebrated my mom's birthday. I realized not one of us tried to get a picture of our little lunch outing. I am sure out of respect for mom's dreadiness of having her picture taken.

My top 5 favorite things about my mom:

1. She is 70 and doesn't have to color her hair! Not kidding it looks exactly like it did in the picture above (maybe a little darker) taken in 1970 something. Well less poofy. I remember when I was little she didn't really like the color of her hair. She called it mousey brown and said when she was younger it was dishwater blond. I don't hear that anymore. I think she likes it now. I hope I have that no gray gene. So far so good.

2. She is a wicked awesome quilter. A longarmer to be exact. I think I love this more than anything. I am not sure how old she was when she started. She was always a good seamstress when I was young but only did very needed sewing. The occasional dress or Halloween costume. Wedding quilts for us girls. I have vivid memories of potholders for the RS sisters stressing her out.
But what I love most is that she was able to master a skill and pursue a hobby after all of her child raising was over. It gives me hope that someday I will really have time to do what I want to do.

This is the quilt she made me for Christmas last year. I got to pick the pattern and the 30's fabric. I LOVE IT!

3. She is an example of love and service. She still has church callings. Saturday was her first day working in the temple record office. It was challenging but she was happy to serve.
4. She shows up to my kids stuff. I know it can't be easy but it means a lot to my kids. Last night, even on her birthday and after visiting my nieces art reception at ASU. Mom and Dad made it to Aubrey's district honor choir performance.
5. Patience. She is the most patient person I know and always has been. I don't ever remember her yelling at me as a kid. Not once. I wish my kids could say the same.


  1. Beautiful quilt, great hair, lovely life of service and family... you have such a wonderful mother!

  2. OhMyGosh! That quilt is GORGEOUS!!! You're one very lucky girl!!!

  3. I love your mom too! What a cute post. Teach my how to link it to my blog; you did a great job capturing everything about her.

    So funny about no pictures at her lunch, I had my camera with me and just couldn't get myself to bring it out. She is our cute camera shy mama.