Monday, April 1, 2013

April Fools!

Dinner was late. Ashley had a track meet (she runs the mile, amazing girl) and we didn't get home until after 7 pm.
 As we were sitting around the table eating and sharing our day. Aubrey told how she had stood outside the door to choir and got the whole class to go through the forbidden entrance  She has orchestra right before choir and there is a breeze way, used to house the cellos, between the two rooms. Although it is off limits to students she uses it everyday and gets scolded everyday. So she got the whole class to use her special door on this special day.
Mr Yoder locked her out.:)
The kids were surprised I hadn't played a joke. Being Jerry Young's aka... king of all pranks and jokes, daughter, I usually do. Then they started to reminisce about some of there favorites. Once I made grape jello in their cups and put a straw in it. They were still pretty little so the  sucking and sucking went on for a long time before they figured it out. That was my favorite. Another time I had Ron call me from work.  I pretended he was the school calling to say that a water main had broken and school was cancelled for the day. They were so excited. That was probably a bit rotten of me.
So I have had this one brewing in my brain for a while. But I was just a little busy today and still feeling  a bit Eastery, not in a teasing mood I guess,  just thought I would skip it. But how can I not keep up tradition after that dinner chat.

So here is the jar I sent crashing to the floor of the kitchen. I made an exact duplicate of Michael's pet, Rico Suave's home, complete with the paper towel and rubber band lid. But I tore a hole in the paper towel before I "accidentally"  knocked it off the counter. Just in case it didn't break enough to let his pet loose.
It hit the open dishwasher door first and only got that big chip in it so the tear was a good last minute addition.
There was a great deal of excitement and high drama. I got the ENTIRE family in one shot!  So funny.
Michael spent over 30 minutes VERY carefully looking for his beloved pet.  One at a time I let the rest of the family in on my joke. Ron needed to relax and Heather needed to go to bed. Is there anything more awesome for a little kid than to be part of pulling one over on an older sibling. She was smiling from ear to ear as she skipped off to bed.
Finally after gingerly moving things around in the kitchen with the lights off and a black light in hand it dawned on Michael what I had done. He was a great sport.
Here is Rico safe and sound and ohhh sooo creepy!  Can you believe I have put up with that thing in my house for over two months! Seriously gives me the heebie jeebies!