Monday, March 29, 2010

Tennis Anyone?

Have I mentioned how much I love tennis! It is the best!
Tyler is undecided whether or not he will play tennis or return to track next year, but I am sold. My top ten why tennis is my new favorite spring sport.

5. No new equipment purchases. We have some old ratty rackets in the garage.
And your school shoes will do just fine. (you have to buy spikes for track and field)

4. If your kid is not that good they play on the far side of the courts. Tyler started the season as 2nd alternate on the JV team. This
really translates can bring a chair and sit under the shade of a tree at the far end of the parking lot..

3. Tennis matches take a while. So your kid can call you from home when it is finally their turn and you can run over to the school and not miss much. As apposed to a track meet where you have to wait all afternoon for you kid's events that last a few seconds.

2. If your kid gets better and is ranked 2nd on the JV team he moves to the middle of the can actually park your car right by the courts. You never even have to get out of your car! You can sit on your fanny, listen to the radio and sew while you watched. Just don't encourage anymore practicing because if your kid makes varsity your fun is over. You will have to go sit on the bleachers and clap with the other moms.

1. Last match April 20th! Those poor Track mom's are still out there cooking in the bleachers in mid May.

I love tennis

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  1. Such fun for Tyler, and you!!! :) Chad played tennis in high school and absolutely loved it, too!