Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mom's party

For mom's 70's birthday we put on a sock hop. It was so fun. Mom was very surprised. Probably because the party was 6 days after her birthday. I think we were all surprised too. We had to postpone it 3 times. Our biggest challenge is always scheduling.Heather and Syd did all of the food. Sydney set up her Sweet Sips (Italian Soda). Heather also brought hula hoops for the kids. How does Taylor do that?!

Carol and Janice. Carol put together a video of mom's life that was so nice.

Jaydn, Jessica and Jazmyn

Mom worked at a soda fountain as a kid. So we had a few soda jerks making malts and shakes.

Jason and Stephanie

The Boys
Forrest and family also came. My camera died soon after they showed. So I don't have a pic. But I have darling video of their cute, cute baby! Heather has better pics at her blog.

For my part I made 11 poodle skirts. Well minus the poodles.


  1. Your family is seriously awesome and so creative. Looks and sounds like an amazing party for your Mom!!!

  2. You were an amazing poodle skirt making girl. I think those poodle-less skirts totally made the party. Can't wait to see what we'll do for their 50th Wedding Anniversary. Whatever it is, you better get sewing.