Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dear Jane

I loved making this little block. Very simple and apparently I like applique. Who knew?

Monday, March 29, 2010

Tennis Anyone?

Have I mentioned how much I love tennis! It is the best!
Tyler is undecided whether or not he will play tennis or return to track next year, but I am sold. My top ten why tennis is my new favorite spring sport.

5. No new equipment purchases. We have some old ratty rackets in the garage.
And your school shoes will do just fine. (you have to buy spikes for track and field)

4. If your kid is not that good they play on the far side of the courts. Tyler started the season as 2nd alternate on the JV team. This
really translates can bring a chair and sit under the shade of a tree at the far end of the parking lot..

3. Tennis matches take a while. So your kid can call you from home when it is finally their turn and you can run over to the school and not miss much. As apposed to a track meet where you have to wait all afternoon for you kid's events that last a few seconds.

2. If your kid gets better and is ranked 2nd on the JV team he moves to the middle of the can actually park your car right by the courts. You never even have to get out of your car! You can sit on your fanny, listen to the radio and sew while you watched. Just don't encourage anymore practicing because if your kid makes varsity your fun is over. You will have to go sit on the bleachers and clap with the other moms.

1. Last match April 20th! Those poor Track mom's are still out there cooking in the bleachers in mid May.

I love tennis

Sunday, March 28, 2010

Percy Jackson Party

We finally had Aubrey' birthday party. She is a huge Percy Jackson fan and has read the whole series. We turned the house into camp half-blood for the evening. We had variety of blue food.

The cyclops were my personal favorite.

The girls were sent on a series of quests to defeat evil monsters. They have been studying Greek mythology at school so they breezed through the riddles pretty easily.

They made Camp-Half Blood T-shirts.

Decorated individual cakes.

Lots of silliness.

We ended the evening at the drive-in watching Percy Jackson, of course. I missed the cutest picture of all. Nine darling girls packed into the trunk of my Yukon.
I will leave the chairs at home next time.

Friday, March 26, 2010

pine wood derby

The acheivment day girls hold a pine wood derby every year.

Aubrey and Ashley racing each other.

Aubrey took 2nd place this year with a replica of Dad's Pinzgaur.

Ashley with her friend Rachel. Ashley won the "Pinkest Car" Award.

Aubrey and Meagan racing. Sister Pomeroy is on the right of the picture.

Have you ever seen such cute judges?

Thursday, March 25, 2010


Here is my latest Dear Jane block. I thought I would include the before picture because it needed so much pinning around those curves it looked like a porcupine. I thought it was cute.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring Break at the Cabin

We spent the tail end of spring break in heaven, Groom Creek, AZ.
I guess this is what spring is like for most of the country. The snow is melting, little streams running and the weather perfect. Even though it is very nice at home right now it was nice to get away.

We took the baby chick and duck up with us. Duck enjoyed swimming in the creek. It looks so grown up.

Ron and the big kids could only stay a couple of days. I must not have been in photo mode while they were around.

Our week was full of picnics and games.

I love this picture of Heather in a snowball fight, barefoot!

I got a bit of sewing done from my favorite spot on the porch.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Dolly Donations

I finally got time to make some dollies for the Haiti Dolly Drive. They were fun and easy. I only wish I had been able to get involved sooner and spread the word (the deadline is next week) about a good cause run by an amazing young mother, Sarah. These girls on the web astound me. I remember having that kind of energy when my kids were small and doing lots of volunteer work. But this younger generation has a vision we lacked.
Amber did all of the face painting. She is very talented. I am all thumbs with a brush and was so grateful she was so excited to help. Aubrey helped with some of the sewing. She has a good eye and a very straight stitch.
Hopefully there will be another Dolly Drive because all of my girls want in on the action.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Mom's party

For mom's 70's birthday we put on a sock hop. It was so fun. Mom was very surprised. Probably because the party was 6 days after her birthday. I think we were all surprised too. We had to postpone it 3 times. Our biggest challenge is always scheduling.Heather and Syd did all of the food. Sydney set up her Sweet Sips (Italian Soda). Heather also brought hula hoops for the kids. How does Taylor do that?!

Carol and Janice. Carol put together a video of mom's life that was so nice.

Jaydn, Jessica and Jazmyn

Mom worked at a soda fountain as a kid. So we had a few soda jerks making malts and shakes.

Jason and Stephanie

The Boys
Forrest and family also came. My camera died soon after they showed. So I don't have a pic. But I have darling video of their cute, cute baby! Heather has better pics at her blog.

For my part I made 11 poodle skirts. Well minus the poodles.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Happy Birthday Dean

Wasn't he a cute kid.

I love this picture Heather took. It shows how sweet and good natured he is but he is giving you that look that says "you better put that camera down or I am going to put your kitty on the ceiling fan!"

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Happy Birthday Mom!

Yesterday we celebrated my mom's birthday. I realized not one of us tried to get a picture of our little lunch outing. I am sure out of respect for mom's dreadiness of having her picture taken.

My top 5 favorite things about my mom:

1. She is 70 and doesn't have to color her hair! Not kidding it looks exactly like it did in the picture above (maybe a little darker) taken in 1970 something. Well less poofy. I remember when I was little she didn't really like the color of her hair. She called it mousey brown and said when she was younger it was dishwater blond. I don't hear that anymore. I think she likes it now. I hope I have that no gray gene. So far so good.

2. She is a wicked awesome quilter. A longarmer to be exact. I think I love this more than anything. I am not sure how old she was when she started. She was always a good seamstress when I was young but only did very needed sewing. The occasional dress or Halloween costume. Wedding quilts for us girls. I have vivid memories of potholders for the RS sisters stressing her out.
But what I love most is that she was able to master a skill and pursue a hobby after all of her child raising was over. It gives me hope that someday I will really have time to do what I want to do.

This is the quilt she made me for Christmas last year. I got to pick the pattern and the 30's fabric. I LOVE IT!

3. She is an example of love and service. She still has church callings. Saturday was her first day working in the temple record office. It was challenging but she was happy to serve.
4. She shows up to my kids stuff. I know it can't be easy but it means a lot to my kids. Last night, even on her birthday and after visiting my nieces art reception at ASU. Mom and Dad made it to Aubrey's district honor choir performance.
5. Patience. She is the most patient person I know and always has been. I don't ever remember her yelling at me as a kid. Not once. I wish my kids could say the same.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

One Busy Week after the Other

Last Wednesday was New Beginnings in our ward Aubrey and Meagan were invited because they will be turning 12 soon. Meagan was sure to put mascara on Aubrey for the special event. I sang a duet. Fancy evening. Down the hall the other half of the family was at a court of honor. Tyler got a couple of merit badges including camping (finally)!

Aubrey and her friends finally finished their science fair project. It was a oatmeal pinhole camera. A very cool project but it was time consuming, frustrating and expensive. I think the moms were happier to see it end than the girls and they were sick of it after the first week.

This Wednesday was Aubrey's last achievement day. She has been blessed with consistant and fun leaders, Sister McDaniel, Hansom and Steele.

I spent Wednesday night sewing camp quilts with the YW. It went so much better than last time. Friday was my monthly Dear Jane class with mom. So much fun.