Sunday, February 28, 2010

Foul Fun

Friday night Amber's friends Ryan and James brought over a baby duck. We all thought it was so cute and then realized they brought it to give to her. After a long quacky night we realized it needed company. But no more ducks please. So they went down and bought a couple of baby chicks. It took some mean pecking but they are friends now. I love how the little one likes to hang-out on top of the duck.

Saturday morning my cousin Forrest and his wife Jodi called and asked if I would like a couple of laying hens and a chicken tractor. They surprised me and brought five Barred Rock hens (so generous). We already have one Rhode Island Red. So now we have a real flock of laying hens. It has been a long time and I am so enjoying it.


  1. I LOVE it! What a sweet little family of fouls! :) You know, if you keep adding a few more feathered friends to your nest this year, by December you could totally provide a live performance of The Twelve Days of Christmas for your ward party! :)

  2. Ohhhhh....I remember that chicken you had in Phoenix when we lived behind you. Your kids got so excited when the thing would lay an egg. It was hilarious!
    I also remember other "birds" in your backyard too. The poop was just getting to be too much from them so you let me use your Daisy gun.:)

  3. I am glad you are liking them! We are glad to have a smaller flock! Thanks for taking them for us! Tell Aubrey the cookies were awesome!

  4. I love the picture of Amber so cute, what good friends she has. I'm glad your chicken finally has a few friends to play with. :P