Sunday, March 28, 2010

Percy Jackson Party

We finally had Aubrey' birthday party. She is a huge Percy Jackson fan and has read the whole series. We turned the house into camp half-blood for the evening. We had variety of blue food.

The cyclops were my personal favorite.

The girls were sent on a series of quests to defeat evil monsters. They have been studying Greek mythology at school so they breezed through the riddles pretty easily.

They made Camp-Half Blood T-shirts.

Decorated individual cakes.

Lots of silliness.

We ended the evening at the drive-in watching Percy Jackson, of course. I missed the cutest picture of all. Nine darling girls packed into the trunk of my Yukon.
I will leave the chairs at home next time.


  1. What a wonderful birthdy party, theme fun, and totally- those blue cyclops are so creative! You are seriously the best mom ever!!!

  2. I love the cake, it was even more impressive in person! All those girls in one car at the drive-ins, you are super mom! Oh and that party made it to the "that was the best birthday party ever" status at our house. You rock sista!

  3. Nice post! I also have to look for a good event venue for celebrating my sister’s birthday. She will be turning 7 this month and I am 12 years older to her. I love her a lot and I will try my best to make this day one of the best days of her life.