Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day

In spite of all of our preparations I forgot about the most important tradition handed down from my parents. Cupid comes first thing in the morning and leaves boxes of chocolates for the kids on the doorstep. So I waited up until 12:00am to run to Walgreen's. No kidding I ran into a friend from church.

Heather designed her own hair clip this year. It turned out soo cute.

She also came up with the minky mailbox for her valentine cards at school. I did the measuring and pinning she created and did all of the sewing.

Aubrey was a bit envious that JR high kids don't get valentine boxes anymore so she made a purse for that function. We got inspiration for the valentines at Made but changed the message for our much more mature tweeny friends.

We ended the eventing with a nice meal on the good and only china. I realized after dinner that I don't have that much china.?? When I asked he admitted that he had bought it for our anniversary last October. What a sweet surprise.