Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's offically official

Darren finally proposed. They have been dating since September and talking marriage since December. We really like Darren. He is fun and silly. He brings out the happy in Amber. Darren will be taking his medical boards in June and then leaving for five weeks for a rotation in San Diego. So it looks like we will have a wedding in August. Ugh. At least that is what Amber is saying. I hope they will have mercy on me and opt for September or October. This is the link to the video Darrn and his friend filmed while proposing to Amber. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nK9e75PArs

Monday, March 21, 2011

The Temple Rocks

It was dark and rainy today. A rare welcomed event. As a result track practice for Michael and Tennis practice for Tyler were canceled. Darren was still at work so that meant Amber was still home. All six kids home at the same time between 6:30 am and 10 pm. WOW!
The clouds parted and I knew this was my chance.
I herded them all in the car.
As we drove up I was disappointed to see that the gates were already up and grating had begun. But with some encouragement from the more daring we squeezed in between some fencing marked No Trespassing (yikes). Yeah, I am wicked. One of the kids said "I feel so ALIVE!" It felt like going TPing. A bit naughty but harmless.
It was muddy and covered with thorns.
We frantically went on a rock hunt.
Ron had warned me when I told him my idea a few weeks ago "if everyone did that there would be a big hole." I thought that was and even better idea. Think of all the money the church would save if the members dug out the foundation.
So today I am off to find a good rock tumbler. They aren't pretty rocks but I think with some polishing they could make a nice tie tack, necklace or something that will help my kids look forward to attending our future temple someday.

Friday, March 4, 2011

French braiding

Besides marveling at the clothing at the Renaissance fair we drooled a bit at the braiding they do. One year before Amber cut her hair the braider offered to do her hair for half price just because they wanted to play with her rear length locks.
This morning went very smooth so I was able to braid a couple of heads.
I think it is more Dr Seuss than King Arthur but the girls were pleased. I thought for sure Aubrey would get teased. In my jr high experience braids=nerd, weird braid = super geek. But times have changed I guess she was pleased to report that everyone liked it and thought it looked like Katniss Evergreen's hair from the Hunger Games book.