Friday, February 26, 2010

zipper pouches

I have a new favorite thing to make. These little zipper pouches are so fun and easy. I saw a really great tutorial at Dana Made It. For these pouches I cut the fabric 6x8. They will make a nice little make-up bag. They match a couple of purses. One is not done yet and the other I gave away without taking a picture. Maybe I can hold the little bee pouch hostage and the owner will send me a picture of her purse to rescue her make-up bag!


  1. Such cute zipper pouches, chicken eggs, and you!!!

  2. The bee purse is amazing! I think I get to be called the Queen Bee now that I have such a cool purse. Make-up bag wow love it! I think you have surpassed Martha, so cute.

  3. Welcome back Cookie Mama! I can't wait until you are done with school. It's been four weeks since your last post. Not that I am counting but the little sidebar thing does it for me.