Monday, February 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Devy!

Today is my beautiful niece Devy's Birthday. She was Belle for Halloween and made the costume herself. When I saw these pics I thought she should apply at Disneyland. But she has bigger plans than that

Devlyn is in her last semester at ASU. She is in the jewelry program. Her specialty is precious metals. Dev makes custom jewelry and is sooo talented. I wish I knew how to do links, I would put one right here to her blog or etsy shop.
I do have her blog on my list "crafty blogs I like" Devlyn Arrilla Jewelry.
Kind, smart, creative, talented, pretty and a dead ringer for Belle. Happy birthday Dev.


  1. you niece is super pretty :)

  2. I agree...she should be belle at Disneyland. I went to her jewlery site. She is very talented!:)