Tuesday, February 23, 2010


We had a fun filled weekend. Our chicken laid her first egg.

It snowed again! This time we really got it.
The kids had their regional choir preformance. It was amazing!


  1. oh dear it really hit hard didn't it.

  2. What is up with your house? Is it a super magnet for toilet paper? Or is there a boy out there who really likes Amber but doesn't know how to show his true feelings for her in a mature way so he resorts to Teepee....as if that would win a girl's affections. Now if he covered your front yard with little wrapped up pieces of chocolate....that would be a genius! I'd be like, "Amber, you go on a date with that boy right this instant!"

  3. Hahaha -- I see t-p-ing is still alive and well!!!