Thursday, February 4, 2010

Another fine mess I have gotten myself into!

Amber was invited to be a bridesmaid by a close friend. I offered to help with the sewing. What did that mean, kind of vague, my very non-committal way of offering to help. Well to the bride it meant WEDDING GOWN.

It is my lack of self confidence that makes this scary. I look at the patterns and I think I can do this. It is much easier than Michael's pirate costume at Halloween.

But then I look at the yards and yards of white fabric and I want to run away screaming. I will need to combine two different patterns, make some adjustments and add a train of my own design in order to copy a dress she saw at David's Bridal.

Deep breath the wedding was planned for October. I would have all summer to work on it. The shop is slow, life is calmer, it would be after camp too. Lots of time.
Well they just moved the date up to....April!
So today I am cutting the bodice out of pink satin I had laying around to see if I can get the fit right before cutting into all those yards of white satin and organza. Yikes!
I know there will be tears before this is over, I sure hope they are tears of joy!


  1. I feel stressed and anxious just reading this post! I'm seriously sending prayers and positive vibes your way! :) I hope the bride knows how lucky she is to have you!

  2. You are so sweet and I know the dress will look amazing. In the meantime can I bring you a year supply of chocolate? You just might need it.

    Oh and the title, classic. I got a good laugh about that. How come I always had to be the fat one when we watched that show?

  3. You can tell which one of you is my biological sister! First, you always had to be the fat one because I got to be the fat one at school. Most importantly, don't mess around with the dark stuff. No antioxidants for me. I want it sugary and creamy!