Friday, February 19, 2010

Some Things Never Change

I love brown boots and orange wheels as much as I did 30 years ago. When I was 9ish my mom use to drop me off at Skateland with $1.25. That would buy a hot dog, a soda and a Saturday morning of skating. I would never dream of dropping my kids off at the rink now. But I think that is a blessing. I still love skating and it is even more fun reminiscing with my kids in tow.
It is funny how I can go through life just not noticing a thing. The minute I snap a picture it is like I wake up from a trance. What mother would let their child go out in public like this? Last night we just needed this kid in pants, any pants. She hates these pants! They are Strawberry Shortcake and sooo cute. She hates them but was willing to submit when the skating rink was on the line. Too bad they don't match!
We won't go into the hair. It is her new "look".
On the way home Aubrey noted they didn't play YMCA. They always play YMCA. How disappointing! I don't care what decade it is, a skate is not complete with out a little nod to the disco era.


  1. :) Oh, the good old days of roller skating to the tune of YMCA!!! And I'm with you on the cuteness of those Strawberry Shortcake pants!

  2. remember that day when I worked at the shop? It was winter and rainy. Heather was wearing sparkling plastic barbie high-heals, a to-small-pink-flower-patterned-miniskirt, and a yellow shirt with green polkadots. I think she even had some big clip on earings :) Just another one of Heather's fashion shows :P

  3. I remember going to the roller rink with my friends and when I slow song would come on, I'd anxiously await for a boy to come and hold my hand so we could roller skate together around and around and around that huge rink. Ahhhhh...the days of youth!:)