Friday, August 3, 2012

San Diego

I forgot how much I love the Ocean!
I loaded up the kids after helping Ron out with his fifth  Sunday lesson.  I was so tired and dreading the 6 hour drive.  But I hadn't been to see Amber since her move and I knew it would be my last chance for a long time.  (The high school kids have already started open gym and meetings for swim.)
We got there pretty late.  The latch on the car door got jammed and the door wouldn't shut. Amber lives 2 blocks from the Ocean in Sunset Cliffs next to Ocean Beach. Parking is crazy there so I am out on the street a block from Amber's house at midnight with a screwdriver and using the light of my phone trying to fix the car door. Can I say hallelujah for smart phones and YouTube!
I woke up tired and still not very excited. But then we went to the beach and all of that just melted away. We  spent hours and hours swimming, boogie boarding and body surfing. Thanks to Ty I finally was able to do the last two. He is good at explaining the mechanics of things and I have never caught a wave before in my life but once I did I was hooked. We all got super crispy burnt the first day. Which is crazy because we are sunscreen veterans. But I think the cloud coverage, cool ocean breeze and 75 degree temps are deceptive. 
Hodad's is  my kids favorite place to eat in Ocean Beach. Yummy burgers and shakes. People start lining up before it opens at 11 a.m. and the line never ends.
We got up early our last day to spend time serving in the temple. The San Diego temple is so beautiful and the workers so kind and helpful. Amazing peaceful experience.

Michael opted out of the trip. There was a party at home he wanted to go to and he said he was tired of traveling. Yeah, like we are such jet setters. I kept trying to find him as I was counting heads. One time I even said "Where is Michael?" It makes me a little sad to look at these pictures and not see him with the other kids having a good time. That girl hosting the party must be pretty cute.

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