Saturday, August 4, 2012

Road rash and Sunburns

Today was my first day back on my bike in a whole week. We got home from San Diego late Wednesday night then Ron and I got up early Thursday took off for the cabin to paint the porches. It is amazing how fast that guy can work. I was just the prep girl, lots of sweeping and some scraping. But he got all of the railing and porches painted in one days time. We even had time to go to dinner at Murphy's.
This morning I learned the hard way road rash and sunburns are a bad combination. I was only a few miles into my ride this morning. I took a turn and on the down stroke of my inside leg my pedal broke! This is my second set of pedals. I already upgraded  the original plastic ones when I broke one avoiding a crazy teenage driver by the high school a few years ago.
I hit the ground hard.  Things flying off every which way. Before I could even stand all of the way up, there was a very kind older woman there trying to help me gather my things. She wanted to push my bike home for me  but I knew I looked like a horror show, blood everywhere. Ron had just left for his hike and was still in cell phone range. I was so relieved because my pride was hurt enough without having a little old lady walk me home.

I won't take pictures of my wounds. I thought my shirt would be gross enough.


  1. You're such a trooper, be it through porch painting or an awful bike crash! :) My love and sympathies, dear friend!

  2. Ouch! That looks disgusting. You certainly have road rash bragging rights