Monday, August 13, 2012

First day of School

We had a smooth morning. I am down to 4 school aged kids. So cake walk! :)
Michael is a Junior this year. He is excited and hoping that he gets all of his coaches as teachers this year.
This is Aubrey's freshman year and first day at Greenway. She is nervous and has been a bundle of nerves lately. (don't tell her I said that because it will totally set her off.) Besides not doing her summer reading assignment until the last minute (yesterday and this morning) she is in the process of  trying out for the volleyball team. Final cuts are tomorrow. She is a great swimmer so swim team is her fall back plan.  Check out her shoes. Polka dot converse, sooo cute!  We found them at Nordstrom's Off the Rack for $16.97! Awesome!
Ashley will be the big kid on campus, an eighth grader at Desert Foothills. She is getting so tall and pretty. I am still adjusting to seeing her in glasses.
Heather is in 5th grade and has Ms Caroll, Aubrey's former teacher. Loved her, I know she will be good to my baby. Heather had me braid her hair in a "swirly twirly" yesterday so she could have these curls today.

Tyler spent his morning reminding everyone that his school doesn't start for another month. He was still smiling when I got to work. We spent the morning trying to find housing for him onilne with no luck. I think he will be living in a cardboard box!

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  1. Your children are all so wonderfully tall, and good looking, and growing up so fast! Loving Ashley's glasses and Heather's curls- adorable!