Sunday, August 12, 2012

Cabin wrap up

In addition to the blackberries the yellow apples ripen this time of year.  The whole cabin smelled of sweet apples. We made pie to bring home, yum.

I spent way too much time on the green lounge watching the humming birds chase each other. It is nothing like at home. It is a serious turf war over the feeder. We also had a group of woodpeckers that liked the other hummingbird feeder and would hop on and really stress out the little hummingbird who thought it was hers

I didn't have my good camera so I am afraid some of these pictures are sub par.  Heather and I spray painted this flag on an old piece of scrap wood we found laying around. 
Finished sewing the scripture totes for my graduated YW.  Drove to town to agonize over what color boa for the trim. I will finish the hand sewing this week and get it to the girls before the universities start up next week.


  1. You're so awesomely crafty, I love it and so need one of those handpainted flags!

  2. Holy crafts! They turned out really well. I'm really missing the cabin apples. Our local "grocery store" usually only has about 6 different produce selections (I really wish I was exaggerating this number) and they never look fresh.
    The hummingbird wars are legendary! You should take a video next time!