Friday, April 9, 2010

tux shopping & Campjambarama

Tyler has been busy. Too busy. We were not able for the last couple of weeks to get to the tux shop for a fitting. So we were down to the last week before prom and trying to find a store that would a) rent him something and b) not charge an arm and a leg for our procrastination. "We" finally had the brilliant idea to find a used tux and buy it. With three proms this year and his junior and senior year still to go this seemed like the smartest thing to do.
I am a genius I tell you.
It was a crazy, driving around, cranky mom afternoon. But we finally found a little shop in the barrio. Angel's Tux shop owned by two brothers. Very young entrepreneurs so sweet their mother must be so proud. They had one tux Tyler's size. It needed a seam mended and the buttons on the jacket replaced. Apparently the guys at this store can't even thread a needle. They thought the repairs were extreme and sold me the whole thing for $40.
Smoking, smoking deal.
After a frantic afternoon we loaded everyone with a male chromosome that lived in my house plus three into the Pizgaur and sent them off the the Scout Campjambarama 100 year celebration. I hustled home and by nine o'clock I was finally cutting out Heather's dress for her baptism tomorrow.


  1. A total deal on the tux, and Tyler and his prom date look absolutely gorgeous! Oh, your kids keeps growing up so fast!

  2. You must be supermom! Can I just say that Michelle Duggar would be jealous of your amazing shopping abilities? "Buy used save the difference." They might have you make a guest appearance and I might have to bribe you to take me down to that shop this weekend.

    I love the picture of the boys in the back of Ron's Pizgaur, I bet it was fun to drive up to a scouting event in it!