Saturday, April 10, 2010


The dress turned out. Thank goodness for easy patterns and for the super shiny, easy to work with fabric Heather insisted on.
I had sent Heather and her friend Catlyn outside with the camera to take pictures before the baptism. It was a "please, get out of my hair" moment for me. But look at what a good job Catlyn did. Heather's pictures of Catlyn are just as pretty.

I am not sure there is anything more awesome than watching your baby boy baptize your baby girl.

I was a little hesitant about the whole thing and left the decision up to Heather. She of course wanted her Daddy at first but after thinking it over and me promising Tyler wouldn't tease her she changed her mind. What a neat experience for Tyler and hopefully a real bonding moment for them both.
It was a stake baptism and Ron is the high councilor over it. I had to wonder as he was conducting the meeting, standing at the pulpit in his suit and tie. If Tyler wasn't going to do the baptizing would Ron have conducted in the white jump suit? That would be a sight.

We had family and friends over for dinner after and this little cutie joined us. Another Katlyn. Tyler met her a EFY. She lives across town but they have a nice little friendship and get together every now and then.

I love her dress! The pictures don't even come close to capturing how pretty it is. It is iridescent with purple hues. The back laces up like a corset. Truly an amazing dress.
Katlyn's prom was at The Science Center. The kids had a great time.


  1. Cute, cute pictures. It was so sweet that Tyler could baptize Heather. What a neat memory for both of them. Love the picture of Tylers Prom too. What a night you all had!

  2. I can't believe Tyler is old enough to go to PROM! And to baptize! Jeff baptized Chad and it was a really great experience for the both of them. I'm glad Heather changed her mind.:)