Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Happy Birthday Boo Boo

In my present stash Heather found three Polly Pocket sets. EVERYDAY for the last month she would drag them out line them up and then play with them. I am not sure how that is done while they are still in the packaging but she did. She wanted them all for her birthday. Look at the one in the picture. It is a pirate Polly Pocket. How cool is that?

When she said she wanted a Baby Alive also, we had to cut the Polly Pocket set to just one. Otherwise I think I would have had a true mutiny on my hands.

She thinks the Baby Alive is hilarious because it can pee.

I had to include this picture of her.
I have so many pictures of Heather making faces at me. She is so the family clown.

The frosting on these cupcakes is ridiculous. All of the kids went home with stained mouths and hands.

Heather originally wanted Gyros for breakfast. I had to talk her out of that. Can you imagine gyro breath all day? So we had Gyros for dinner. Her second breakfast choice was ice cream! So we compromised and had french toast with vanilla ice cream. It was surprisingly good.

I can't believe my baby is eight.

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  1. First of all ice cream for breakfast sounds so good! I just might try that. She is so cute, I can't believe she is eight either! Love the gyro face picture and that pirate face too. She is a crack up. What a cutie.

    Do you remember when we each got a baby alive for Christmas when we were her age? Do you also remember that you told me it would be really cool if I gave mine a hair cut so they'd be different? Mine was the only one in the neighborhood that had a crew cut! haha

    Happy Birthday Booboo