Thursday, April 29, 2010

Ice Cream Social

Wednesday through Friday of this week is the annual ice cream social. It is a fund raiser for the choir program at Greenway High. I don't know the dollar amount but I am sure they make bank. Over the three nights they had more than 700 people turn out. Friday night was sold out.
For $7 you get to enjoy the ambiance of the school cafeteria, listen to some very talented kids and eat all of the cafeteria ice cream you can. Which is not much because it is well, cafeteria ice cream. All I can ever down is a banana split and a root beer float. By Friday I was sick of it and just asked for ice.
As far as the kid part goes they have to audition the number they would like to preform. It is very competitive and less than half of the acts that auditioned this year made the cut.

Here is Tyler with the NSYNC Bye, Bye Bye group. They performed Wednesday and Friday. By far ne of the most popular acts of the evening.

On Wednesday night Tyler did "I'm Too Sexy" Very funny and he did a great job.

Surprise for me! He had a big solo in the finale all three nights. "Camp Granada" He even got the Hello Mutta, Hello Fatha down. Very cute he is such a ham.

Thursday night Ty decided to go as Robin. Why? Because he wanted to wear the elf tights! Shouldn't I be a little worried about my son wanting to wear tights. Yeah I think so.

Tyler making a cameo in "Stupid Cupid."

Amber's Duet with Aaron Walth, "You're the One that I Want" from Grease. She rocks those pleather pants.

And on a sad note. Amber and Tyler had a duet together. "Anything You Can Do" but I don't have a still picture for that. Because I guess I am the only one that can take a picture in this whole family. Even though I was video taping and the big fat camera with the huge fancy lens was sitting on the table right next to some one (who will remain nameless) with all their fingers and thumbs.


  1. hi laurel! i was trying to figure out how to contact you and katy sent me here. :) cute family! anyway, it was so great seeing you in january and i wanted to invite you to my baby shower on june 12th in gilbert. i think you said you don't have an email, but maybe you can use one of your kids'? write to me at lucilu82(at)hotmail(dot)com. just replace the stuff in parenthesis. :) i'd love to connect again, you need to facebook!

  2. I love the pictures! I was totally cracking up. Your kids are amazing and I was sad to miss the ice cream social this year, however maybe my hips weren't as sad. You got some great shots even if someone else forgot to get a few while you were taping. Can't wait for next year! Oh and tell Amber that only she can look hot in pleather!