Sunday, April 18, 2010

Eagle Project

Tyler has been a Life Scout for almost two years. He has been amazing. He has done most of his rank advancements on his own as well as his merit badges. But when he got to his Eagle Leadership project he was stuck. He needed help and direction. Luckily for us Sister Benion recently became the new advancement coordinator. She has been instrumental in breathing new life into our formally dysfunctional scout program.

Yikes! Who is that?

Dad and Tanner.

The Elders even stopped in on their way in and out of the other wards dinner.

Russian message from who else, Dad.

These two spent a big chunk of their time mistakenly sanding the sanding blocks!

My handsome boy

Sister Bennion, Andrew, Zaydee and Ashley.
With the help of 54 volunteers. We were able to make 35 T stools for Vistancia Elementary special needs program.

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  1. What a great Eagle project! Looks like a great time of service was had by all- way to go Tyler, family and friends!