Tuesday, April 27, 2010


The last two weeks of my life were completely consumed by this dress. Amber designed what she wanted and I had to figure out how to make it work. I tried to draft it the best I could and then sew a practice dress to work out the kinks.

Amber and Ryan. I love the look on Ryan's face. He does not like getting his picture taken. But he is always a good sport for me.
Again the real motivation behind finally getting his eagle project done. He wanted to drive the Mustang to prom. He has had his license for three whole days and Ron told him he could. Crazy.


  1. Wow. The dress...the mustang....the excitement that is "your life".:) Will Ron let me drive the mustang if I get my Eagle? hehehehehehe That thing is sweet!:)

  2. I agree with Katy, but I'm wondering if my YW medallion counts the same as the Eagle to get to drive the stang? I love the picture of Amber with the pin! She's beautiful and dangerous. haha

  3. you did a great job with the dress its beautiful.

  4. from Amber:
    I was told that I would feel greatly rewarded when I earned my Young Women's medallion. I DRAGGED MY FEET because it was so boring! I finally earned annnndddd... no mustang, job interviewers are more impressed that my brother and dad are eagle scouts, and the boys got a huge grand reception while I got a pat on the back. I will make my daughters get their medallion to TORTURE THEM and tell them "I'm saving money and congratulations for your wedding reception." I think that's what happened