Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Upcycled Basketball Jersey

I am unable to upcycle anything that still makes a great hand me down. We have been very blessed to have received hand me downs from others and I feel morally obligated to pass it forward instead of cut it up.
I had to really talk myself into this project. This was a basketball jersey in the give away box. One layer of cream and one layer of white fabric. Basically two jerseys sewn together at the shoulder and armhole seams to make one reversible jersey.
There were no rips or stains that would make it crafting fair game. So I justified it by the ugly factor. On the back was the number but on the front was the city of phoenix logo along with parks and recreation department ramblings. Who would want to wear that if they weren't on the team. Right?
I just cut under the armholes straight across to make the skirt pieces. Sewed the two layers together and turned the numbers into pockets.
All the girls loved it and were disappointed it only fit Boo Boo. But Buddy (the jersey's original owner) thinks it is a fashion abomination.

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  1. Oh my heck, the cute factor. I love Tyler’s reaction. Somehow I think 20 years from now when you make those skirts for his little girls he will have a whole different opinion on the matter. By the way I have about 100 jerseys you can have to make more skirts!