Saturday, January 16, 2010


These were intended to be Christmas gifts for the kids but of course I missed that deadline. I have been practicing free motion embroidery and was finally brave enough to put it on something other than ratty cabin towels.
My main purpose was to cut down on laundry. I am hoping the kids will hang up their towels after their shower. It is very frustrating to walk into their bathroom after they have all gone to school and find a huge heap of terry cloth.
My Aunt Linda is a real inspiration and has embroidered several of my kids really cute baby things over the years. I used octi-hoops and had to practice a lot but I think I am finally getting it. Just don't look to closely.


  1. They look so great! Your creativity inspires me!!!

  2. Ohhhh...those are cool.:) I hope the kids start hangin' up their towels.

  3. You are the craft queen! Super cute idea.