Sunday, January 17, 2010


I have been in a cleaning and purging frenzy.
I found my student ID from my senior year in a mystery box in the garage.
Except for the big black splotch on my face I think it is a cute picture. My kids were unimpressed. First they didn't know who it was, which is very insulting because I think I was kind of cute back then. Next they didn't know what it was, apparently student ID cards have evolved so much retro ones are hard to identify (am I really that old). They could not believe how "ghetto" my ID was. "It is just laminated!" I think as punishment I should take all of my music back. No more Michael Jackson or Boston for anyone under 35!

Obviously I survived high school and I had some great teachers and good friends. And unlike a lot of my friends by the end of high school I really liked my parents and enjoyed being at home. I feel blessed to consider my parents and siblings my best friends. Isn't that what we are really suppose to learn in high school?


  1. Doesn't that picture just make you want to go plug in your hot sticks? You are still just as cute as ever and I can't believe your kids didn't recognize you.

    Remember our teenagers are working with brains that are still developing!

    Laminated IDs were totally high tech back then, I love the little strip of paper with your name placed inside it too.

  2. :) I LOVE your cute ID pic! And your kids must have been pulling your leg because you totally look the same as you did back then!!!

  3. You guys are so nice but I know the truth. Still it is nice to have proof of my youth.

  4. It's not being nice, it's being honest. You've got great genetics m'lady!!!