Monday, January 11, 2010

Saturday is a Special Day

The Young Women went up to our cabin for a Book of Mormon reading challenge reward. I tagged along to do some pre-camp certification. We were pleasantly surprised that the snowfall from three weeks ago was still on the ground.

We made the foil dinners I had practiced with the kids earlier in the week. My kids had no trouble with the activity. But we had a few minor glitches with some of the girl's dinners. Only a couple of them had ever heard of a foil dinner I had to explain in great detail over and over how to make one. Luckily they had no trouble with the hot dogs and smores we ate for dinner. So no one had to go home hungry.
My favorite part of the day was working with the second year girls who had to start a fire. Not really the dealing with them part, this group is definitely cityfied. But after trying to prod them along and listening to things like "lets quit", "I wish my dad was here he can make a fire", "can't we just use the oven?" and "I can't do this." they did it! It took at least half and hour for the fire to get going but they were so proud of themselves when it was finally successful.

They had a great time playing in the snow and doing all kinds of silly things these pics are just a sampling.

And of course this little tag along had a great time. I just love the chocolate lip liner!

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  1. You are so fun! You are welcome to take my Beehives up to your cabin anytime.

    Chocolate lip liner, she's so stinkn' cute. Note to self, arm sisters purse with individual packs of wet wipes! Oh yes I have plenty to share.