Monday, January 4, 2010

Estate Sale Fun

I don't go out looking for estate sales but every now and then they find me. Saturday was such a day. I desperately needed some retail therapy but had no time to spare. Lucky for me the estate sale fairies dropped one in my neighborhood and I took the time to stop.

The top item on the left is a child's apron. Underneath are two yummy vintage fabrics each a yard in length. The children's sewing book was printed in 1964 and the illustrations on the inside are just as darling as the outside. And the icing on this little cake...the string porcelain poodle lamp. It is so super cute. The shade is hideous and needs to be recovered and I took this pic before I cleaned up the doggy. But I am a antique lamp junkie and did I mention it is pink! My grand total, wait for it....$17.00!
Yeah I know you are saying "But Laurel, there are other 1950's string porcelain poodle lamps in worse shape than yours on ebay going for 50 bucks!" And all I can say is I KNOW!


  1. What thrifty & beautiful finds! Love it!

  2. Super cute! Whenever I go to estate sales the house always smells like old people and they usually just sell 20 years worth of Ensigns and saran wrap. The poodle lamp rocks.