Saturday, January 22, 2011

Caroline's wedding dress

December is a blur. I am sure everyone feels that way. The first two weeks were completely consumed by this dress. I first started it and wrote about it here
The best part about sewing this dress is that it is now finished! Wedding dresses are a little to stressful for me. People always want something custom and that just adds to the pressure. Plus I am a huge procrastinator. Not about little stuff. It is always the big stuff. It is like I have to have a pressing deadline to have the courage and confidence to jump in. No not confidence because I never have that. More like I have to be able to get to the point where I don't care that I am going to fail because horrible or not it has to get done.
But in spite or all my short comings, I am so glad Caroline loved it. That was the most worrisome part. She was beautiful and so was the venue, Sassi in Scottsdale. Now I understand why she changed the date three times to make sure it all worked out.

A truly sweet couple throwing a beautiful celebration. I wish them all of the happiness!


  1. Gorgeous gown! You're such a talent, truly!

  2. what a lovely flattering frock...i love it.