Monday, January 10, 2011

October 2010

I set a goal early this summer that every morning I was in Prescott I would hike to the top of Spruce Mountain. I was able to hike it over 15 times. I had deer jump across my path. Encountered wild turkey and other creatures. On one of my last hikes I watched the fog roll in and wash over me, maybe it is a cloud when you are that high. Either way it was super cool.

Our area experienced a wild and costly hail storm. I just had to include the picture of Amber who ran out in her face mask with the other kids to play in the hail. Reminds me of Edvard Munch's Scream

October is especially busy time for us. Marching band season is at it's peak. Ron helps drive the equipment. High school swim is also reaching a fevered pitch. Michael swam this year and Tyler competed in four events at regionals and the state swim meet. The shop is insane! We are so busy but at least now we have it down enough we get to sleep at night. Feeling a little overwhelmed and with my hip on the mend after a month of gimpiness I told the kids I couldn't sew costumes this year. I was impressed with the creations they came up with, creating new ones for every party they attended. I think my favorite was the one Michael wore to the stake Halloween party. He took the pants and top from the Anakin costume I had sewn for Tyler many harvest moons ago and created a Sasquatch.

Tyler was nominated/crowned as the Junior class royalty at homecoming. He carried his trombone through the entire ceremony and ran across the field when it was over to play with the band. It was him just being his happy/goofy self and we all had a good laugh.
Less than a month after I was called as the ward YW president Ron was called as the Bishop of our ward. We over lapped for a few weeks while he prayed about who should replace me. I tried to do some fun things with the girls during the shortest calling I have ever had. On the day he was called after all our company had gone home the kids sat around the table and made up this little rhythm. " Ten, ten, ten, we'll never see out dad again!" It was cute and luckily not true.
Ron has made a real effort to come home early from work and spend time with the kids before he goes to his meetings in the evening.


  1. You and your family have been so busy!!!!!! :)

    Congrats to Ron. I can see him now conducting sacrament meeting with that low voice. hehehehe

    The hail storm affected a bunch of our ward members too. Crazy stuff, I tell ya.

    Tyler....a marching band homecoming King? So awesome. Dave was in high school and college marching band.

    I'm so impressed with your mountain climbing abilities. You rock Laurel!

  2. YW Pres, Bishop, homecoming king, GCC, everything- one busy, crazy, blessed life!!! :) You look so beautiful in that picture on the mountain! I love it and love you!