Friday, March 22, 2013

Amber comes to visit

Darren had training in Texas last week. It was doctor training in the field, as in wilderness. So we were lucky enough to get a visit from Amber. She drove from San Diego and then back again alone. It worried me but she was fine.  She is so independent that would have made me very nervous at her age, it still does.
She is so much fun to have around. This is how we show her a good time....
Nothing like ripping out carpet on your vacation.  Actually that is not the worst part. getting the tack strip (what Amber and Heather are doing in the photo) and    nails out of cement is the worst part. I am not a huge fan of millions of staples on the stairs either.

We also put her to work making Michael's boutonniere and his dates corsage for prom. So while I was busy knocking out his vest (because it had to be silver)  Ashley and Amber put the "flowers" together.
It was a bit frantic. We did it all in 3 1/2 hours!
Tyler started making corsages for prom a few years back. Customizing them to the girl. This year one of his former prom dates was at the house and she mentioned how much she had liked her corsage and that she still had hers. This is a girl who is VERY fashion conscience and they were never romantically involved just friends. Hers was made with guitar picks so maybe that helped.
So I volunteered to do it for Michael he had nothing planned and had track practice.
I loved how it turned out. The only things we had to buy were the peacock feathers and the silver material for Michael's vest.  All the aqua fabric was scraps from other events. Felt- poodle skirts for the girls worn to Ma'am and Papa's 50th wedding anniversary party. Satin- Amber's prom dress. Organza- chair ties for Amber's wedding reception. I am not sure how we thought of using peacock feathers.... we did a lot of giggling during the whole process. We decided it was a craft high. 


  1. Gorgeous flowers and awesome craftiness! Loving you, and your awesome family, my dear friend!

  2. You started blogging again, I need to get that ball rolling! I had tons of fun with your guys-- definitely needed the break (and maybe even a little aggressive carpet ripping). Chloe's parents started feeding her lactose-intolerant-tummy cheese again so I got diarrhea all over me. Do you have any more carpet I can destroy?