Tuesday, March 22, 2011

It's offically official

Darren finally proposed. They have been dating since September and talking marriage since December. We really like Darren. He is fun and silly. He brings out the happy in Amber. Darren will be taking his medical boards in June and then leaving for five weeks for a rotation in San Diego. So it looks like we will have a wedding in August. Ugh. At least that is what Amber is saying. I hope they will have mercy on me and opt for September or October. This is the link to the video Darrn and his friend filmed while proposing to Amber. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5nK9e75PArs


  1. Congratulations Amber, Darren, and Johnson family! :) What a rock, what a stud, and what a gorgeous couple!!!

  2. Yeah!!!! Loved that video! :) So excited for you all. Can't want to see the video one day down the road, way down the road....when Amber surprises him saying she's prego. :):):)

  3. Beautiful girl, beautiful ring. We love to watch the video over and over at our house, it's so funny and sweet all at the same time! They make a great couple.