Thursday, November 1, 2012

Halloween Dinner

This year Heather went as a nerd. Ashley was a tourist. Aubrey and Michael went as cowhands. So I had very little sewing, only suspenders and some fringe on a cowboy shirt  We put our energy into dinner. Becky brought the chicken, beans and rice. That left the fun stuff for us.
 I carved the brain shape before cooking the cauliflower in water with some red food coloring. It glowed a creepy pink under the black light.
 Aubrey and Heather made the deviled eggs. Aubrey also made the string cheese fingers. They looked so creepy I couldn't even eat them. The jar is just sour cream with some green olives.
 I looked at Fry's for the stuff to make homemade root beer but no luck. So I just poured a couple bottles in and added dry ice. Everyone thought it was the most awesome homemade root beer ever until I had to refill and they saw what they were drinking. Next year I need to try Safeway.
I was so excited to finally find something that really glows under black light.  Tonic Water!!  We put it in the apple and grape juice.  Next year I think I will breakdown and buy cool aid or maybe sprite, something super sweet so I can add more tonic water without making the drinks too bitter.
Of the three different kind of black lights I had the energy efficient work the best. they really made the table glow!

Here are the kids. VERY toned down in the costume department. I guess that is just the case as the kids get older. It is all about the candy.


  1. What a fun Halloween, cute kids, and awesome dinner- love it!

  2. I was pretty bummed out that I didn't get to kidnap any lilliputians to take trick-or-treating this year! I'm super jealous of your Halloween dinner, I may have to copy you next year! Didn't Uncle Phil used to make homemade rootbeer for the ward Halloween parties?

  3. Ha! I LOVE that brain -- what a clever, clever idea. It looks like you had a great Halloween!