Thursday, September 6, 2012

Oh the Places You Will Go

Today we dropped our boy off at college. It has been so busy getting him ready I haven't had too much time to worry or be sad.  We have had to simutaniously work on his mission papers and all of the appointments that involves. So very,very busy. It reminds me of Ambers wedding. I was just too busy to have any time to feel sorry for myself about loosing my baby.
I only got a little weepy during the  welcome. And that was mostly from feeling very the spirit and being very grateful that he was attending such a wonderful school. Where people care as much about his spiritual growth as well as his academic growth.
He didn't even make it a mile and a half  to the freeway before falling asleep. He had stayed up all night packing (but mostly hanging out with Kaj) the car full of stuff. The car was so full there was barley enoufh room for one in the back.


  1. Reading this made me weepy too! You are such a brave and loving mother, blazing a trail for me to follow, truly!

  2. Where is he going to college? So excited for him and your family! Cole just started preschool....oh how I pray the years don't go by too fast because before I know it, like your Tyler, he'll be leaving the nest and flying away. :)

  3. I don't think the younger siblings miss us too much! According to Heather, they already overtook the empty bedroom.

    1. Wow! Are you use to him being gone yet? What a sweet boy.