Friday, July 20, 2012

Goldwater Lake, Prescott Arizona

This seems like a lame way to come back. Especially after the crazy awesome year it has been. But I loved this picture. Moments like this make my heart sing. And I guess the quietness and slow pace of the cabin allow time for reflection.
I had been ready to leave the lake for a couple of hours. I had quietly and patiently endured the embarrassment of being the loudest people on the lake. I don't think fishermen appreciate my kids playing "Pirates of the Caribbean" complete with theme music as they attach, ram and try to flip each other over. I am not sure anyone caught a fish this afternoon but I was richly rewarded.


  1. Sounds like a marvelous time at the lake, truly! I love you, dear Laurel!

  2. Note to self: sing Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack next time I paddle-board.

  3. Amb I want some video of that!